For our stay in Jodhpur, we booked ourselves into a traditional haveli.

I’ve already talked quite a bit about havelis in my guide to Jaisalmer, but basically, these are old family mansions that date back several centuries and have been transformed into a mix of luxury hotels and budget guesthouses.

I purposely tried to find havelis while we were travelling in Rajasthan, because it’s such a unique form of accommodation and you can feel the history from the minute you set foot through the door. While each haveli varies in terms of layout and design, you can generally expect dark wooden furniture, hand-painted scenes from Indian epics on the walls, a daybed with silk pillows, shared courtyards and rooftop terraces, and tiny doors that you’ll most likely have to duck your head under.

I stayed at the Jewel Palace Haveli, which had all of the above but catered to a more budget-friendly crowd. It was a property full of character, but my main complaint about this place is that the staff were quite young and easily distracted (we had to remind them multiple times that we needed things like towels, toilet paper and bed sheets); that being said, they are one of the top-rated havelis in the city. If you’re looking for something a little more upscale, you can try browsing Jodhpur hotels here.

And that was it for Jodhpur! Our visit was short and sweet, but I’m glad we made time to stop here while we were in Rajasthan. It was interesting coming here right after Jaisalmer, because even though both are fort cities, they each have their own distinct qualities. Jaisalmer was definitely the calmer of the two, but Jodhpur had its own gems hiding amidst the chaos.

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